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How to check HP Vivo warranty to make sure it exists or not

Gadgetren – To make sure whether your Vivo cellphone is officially registered in Indonesia and has a long warranty period, of course you need to check it yourself.

Of course, to check these two things, you need a number IMEI atau International Mobile Equipment Identity from the Vivo cellphone. Next, you can enter the IMEI to vivo warranty site.

To be able to get the IMEI number, you can see it on the back of the sales box. On Vivo cellphones now that have two SIM card slots, so you can check it via the first IMEI or second IMEI.

Meanwhile, if you have bought an old Vivo cell phone and forgot where to put the box, luckily you can use the UMB code (USSD Menu Browser) which can be accessed via the Phone or Telephone application.

Check the warranty on the Vivo site

  • Open the Phone or Phone application on the Vivo cellphone
  • Enter the UMB code *#06#
  • Next, you will see a menu with numbers IMEI
  • Note down the IMEI number
  • Access vivo warranty site via browser
  • Enter IMEI number in the available column
  • Press sign tick on consent and hit the Send button
  • Then enter verification code and hit the Send button
  • Next, the page will show information about the warranty period of the Vivo cellphone
    vivo - Check Warranty

Not only the warranty period, the site will also display a variety of information, starting from the series, Vivo cellphone model, color and IMEI number. That way, you can see immediately your cellphone series and when the warranty will expire.

If the warranty is up, of course you have to pay repair costs as well as spare parts if the cellphone is damaged which is quite troublesome.

If the Vivo warranty site doesn’t display official information at all, the mobile phone is certainly not officially Indonesian because it doesn’t have a TKDN (Domestic Component Level) certificate.

Therefore, it’s better for you to buy a Vivo cellphone through official channels and stores in order to get a guarantee and easy after-sales service through various Vivo Service Centers that are already present in Indonesia.

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