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How to Check Gojek History To Know All Transactions That Have Been Done

Gadgetren – With the conveniences offered, Gojek has now become one of the leading platforms that can be relied on to meet various kinds of daily needs.

Starting from finding a ride, buying food, sending packages, to paying for transactions at various merchants can be done very easily using the service that was originally present as ride-sharing.

The Go-Jek company base has also recently joined Tokopedia. The integration between the two makes online shopping easier with promotions such as cashback or free shipping.

On the application and service side, Gojek continues to improve its capabilities. There are various new features and support added to make it easier for us as users through the updates.

Most recently, the service has just added a transaction history feature to their app. Those of you who don’t know how to use it can follow the steps in the following explanation.

How to Check Gojek Transaction History

  • Update the Gojek application to the latest version via Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store
  • Open the app after it’s finished updating
  • Login with the account you have if needed
  • Tap the avatar photo in the top right corner to open the page My Profile
  • Click the menu My Orders
  • Make sure to go to the tab History
    How to Check Gojek History - 1
  • Every transaction that has ever been made will appear on that page

On that page, we can also download Gojek’s transaction history. We just need to tap the button Download (arrow icon) in the right corner, set the desired period, then press Download again.

If needed, we can also view information for each transaction in detail by tapping on one of the desired history. We in this case can also download it by pressing the button Download bill which appears on the next page.

In addition to this new function, the Gojek service also supports checking the history of GoPay transactions, which have actually been around for a long time. You can use it by following the steps below.

How to Check GoPay Transaction History

  • Run the Gojek application
  • Tap the button Explore in the GoPay column
  • Click Skip if the information splash screen appears on the Explore GoPay page
  • After entering the GoPay page, click menu History
    How to Check Gojek History - 2

Just like Gojek transactions, we can also view information for each complete history by tapping on it. We can also share receipts or use the Split Bill or GoPay Request option.

For those of you who don’t know, Split Bill allows us to share the bills contained in the receipt with friends or relatives. Temporary Request GoPay to request a transfer with a certain nominal.

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