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How to Check Genuine or Fake Samsung Cellphones So You Don’t Get Fooled

Gadgetren – Samsung has various models of cellphones that are marketed, ranging from entry class to flagship, where each of them can be the right choice when we need a new device.

It’s just that when considering cellphones made by Samsung, we really have to be a little careful because there are several imitations that are usually called HDC or supercopy, especially when looking for flagship class devices.

These counterfeit devices are usually sold at prices that are very far from the originals. Fortunately, most of the sellers don’t forget to include a statement that the cellphone they are selling is HDC or supercopy so that there are no complaints later.

Even so, unfortunately there are still sellers who cheat to get more. Selling these counterfeit cellphones with the original label which often costs them the price of the original device is of course very detrimental.

HDC or supercopy is indeed common when shopping for cellphones online like inter and the like. But because the external appearance is very similar, of course you still need to be careful so you don’t choose the wrong one and be disappointed.

Distinguishing genuine and fake Samsung cellphones is fortunately quite easy to do, especially if we actually hold the device in question. As for those of you who are still confused, you can listen to it in the following explanation.

How to Check Genuine or Fake Samsung Mobile Phones

Physical Check

Because they are marketed at very different prices, counterfeit Samsung devices generally use much cheaper materials. The build quality or manufacturing materials offered also often seem quite sloppy.

Most middle and upper Samsung cellphones, for example, already use Super AMOLED screens, although it varies for each model. These types of panels are quite expensive so knockoffs outsmart them by using IPS or PLS technology which have lower image quality.

By holding or seeing it directly, we should also be able to distinguish its quality. What’s more, some of them sometimes use slightly different designs, for example in the shape of the screen, the placement of buttons, or the logo.

Check Software

Along with checking the physical, we can also determine the software used by the device concerned. The latest Samsung cellphones generally use the One UI system interface which has several special features, menus, and applications.

Counterfeit cellphones will indeed use a similar appearance. However, generally there are some features, menus, or applications that cannot be copied from the One UI system interface.

The easiest way to ensure this is by watching various video reviews about the features and appearance of One UI on YouTube. Then compare it with the system interface installed on the related cellphone.

You can also see the version of the operating system used, whether it is what it should be on the Samsung cellphone or not.

Check Specifications

  • Install the CPU-Z app
  • Run the application after it is installed
  • Grant the necessary permissions
  • Enter the tab SoC
  • Compare the CPU with mobile phone specification information on the internet
  • Check other specifications if needed

Generally, the specifications used by fake Samsung cellphones will be very different from the original. Including the most prominent part of the chipset which is used as a spur as a form of reducing prices so they are cheap.

To do this, we can take the help of third-party services such as CPU-Z which is available for free on the Google Play Store as described above. We can also use other alternatives AIDA64 or AnTuTu to see the specifications of the cellphone.

Check IMEI or Warranty

If the device purchased is still in new condition, then we can also determine whether the cellphone is genuine or fake by checking the warranty. The problem is that Samsung will provide after sales support for every mobile phone they produce.

Apart from being able to find out whether the device is still under warranty, this method can also be used to determine whether the IMEI of the cellphone is registered as Samsung or not. That way we can determine whether the cellphone is genuine or fake because the IMEI is a unique number.

There are several ways you can do this, including using the Samsung Member application, contacting a contact center, or using third-party services such as

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