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How to Check for Damage to a Used OPPO HP to Ensure the Condition

Gadgetren – When your funds are not enough to buy a mobile phone OPPO If you are new, then used cellphones are usually available which are sold in various stores, both online and offline, at more affordable prices.

To buy a used OPPO cellphone, you need to be careful and check for damage because you don’t know what has happened during the use of the previous user.

Some naughty sellers will usually tell you that the used OPPO cellphone is smooth without flaws. But it turns out that after the sale and purchase transaction is complete, the used mobile phone that was purchased has a problem.

This problem also varies, starting from the problem on the screen there are dead pixel points or lines appear, battery capacity runs out quickly, can’t be charged, photos are problematic, and many more.

So you always have to be careful when buying used OPPO cellphones because there are many things that cannot be known at a glance. Fortunately, you can check for damage to OPPO cellphones with several methods.

How to Check for Damage to Used OPPO Mobile Phones

Watch for Self-Damage

Seeing for yourself whether there is damage or not with the naked eye is the easiest way to do when buying a used OPPO cellphone. You can try to hold and pay attention to all the details on the body, screen, ports and buttons.

For example, pay attention to how scuffed the cellphone body is to find out whether it is used neatly or not. You can also find out the clarity and physical condition of the screen to see if there are dead pixels or not.

You can also press the buttons from used OPPO cellphones, whether they are still working properly or if there has been damage. While testing the port, you can try charging it to see if it can run normally, connecting with earphones, and so on.

From the camera side, you can try to produce photos and see how good the quality is and whether there are other problems with the condition of the lens.

Use PhoneManager

Phone Manager is a multifunctional application that has been presented by OPPO on its mobile phones to delete junk files, scan viruses, set privacy permissions, and diagnose devices.

Before buying a used OPPO cellphone, you can ask the seller to check whether there is damage or not by using the diagnostic feature in the Phone Manager application.

  • Open the app Phone Manager on cellphone
  • On the main page, select menu Tools
  • Enter the menu Diagnostics
  • Check various types of tests such as Storage, NFC, camera, fingerprint sensor, internet connection, screen, buttons, and more.
  • Next, press the button Run diagnostics
  • During the diagnosis, you will be asked to follow commands from the system
  • When it is finished, the system will show whether the condition is still good or not
    OPPO - Check Used Cellphones - Phone Manager

If there is a problem with several components, an error message will appear and ask you to report it to OPPO. Meanwhile, if everything is not problematic, it will appear in the Normal items section.

Check it out with Engineer Mode

You can type the code *#800# in the Phone app to enter Engineer Mode. You can do tests starting from the Carrier Network, Wireless Connection, System Performance, Camera, Multimedia, Screen, and others. If after testing a problem occurs, then you can notify OPPO.

Ask for Usage History

You can also ask the seller for the usage history of the used OPPO cellphone. If the seller is honest, then all questions will be answered in detail. That way you can find out if the cellphone has been dropped many times or there are problems in several parts.

It’s just that once again this method relies on the honesty of the seller himself and there may be internal problems that are not known because they have been used for a long time. Therefore it is better to continue to perform component diagnostics in the above way.

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