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How to check battery health on a real cellphone to find out its health

Gadgetren – When we use cellphones realm in the long term, of course, battery health is one thing that needs attention.

Battery health or often called Battery Health is information about battery health which is usually shown in the form of a percentage after the cellphone has carried out a charging cycle and daily use.

However, by default, realme cellphones are not given a feature to show information about their Battery Health, but only the percentage of remaining battery power consumption.

For this reason, you need to install third-party applications from the Google Play Store, such as AIDA 64 and Electron to find out Battery Health owned by realme mobile phones.

How to Check Battery Health on a realme cellphone

Using the AIDA64 Application

  • Download AIDA64 from Google Play Store
  • Open the app once installed
  • On the AIDA64 main page, select menu Battery
  • You will see the battery condition in the menu Health
    realme - Battery Health - AIDA64

When the Health menu shows the statement Good, it means the battery is in good condition. However, if Bad appears, then it shows that the battery health is no longer prime.

In addition to knowing the condition of the battery, actually the AIDA64 application can also be used to see the specifications of realme cellphones starting from the chipset, RAM, storage, battery, screen, camera, and many more.

Meanwhile, if you are still not satisfied with the information displayed by AIDA 64, you can take advantage of the Electron application, whose function is indeed to check and provide information about Battery Health.

Using the Electron Application

  • Download and run Electron from Google Play Store
  • On the main page, you will immediately see information about Battery Health
  • When written Good, then the battery health is good and can be used normally
    realme - Battery Health - Electron

You can also see the charging status, total battery capacity, remaining battery power, charging speed, and more. Electron also presents various status statements regarding Battery Health such as Good, Cold, Overheat, Overvoltage, and Dead.

If it has entered the Overheat, Overvoltage, and Dead status, then the battery condition is not good due to several things. Of course, you can replace your cellphone battery at the Realme Service Center. On application

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