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How to Chat WhatsApp to Your Own Number Both Applications That Support or Not

Gadgetren – Sending chat WhatsApp to your own number can be done quite easily. Moreover, the short message platform is currently developing features that can make this possible.

The development of the chat feature to your own number has even started since September 2022 yesterday. Then in October 2022 it will be available for some users, both those using Android and iOS cellphones.

Support for sending chats to your own number is now starting to be available for users in Indonesia. It’s just that for now it is still valid on a limited basis for those who use the Beta version of the WhatsApp application.

Based on our research, the new WhatsApp feature is only available in beta versions and for Android mobile users or 22.23.74 for iOS. Outside it has not appeared.

If you are already using a version of WhatsApp that supports the chat feature to your own number, then we can use it by following the steps below.

How to Chat WhatsApp to Your Own Number

  • Install the WhatsApp application that supports the chat feature to your own number
  • Open the app
  • Tap the button New chat (chat bubble icon) in the lower right corner
  • Find and tap your own number
  • Usually there is a description Message yourself in the Contacts on WhatsApp section
  • Create the desired message
  • Tap the button Send

Chats sent to our own number will also appear on other devices if connected to our account. So messages can later be read from a computer or cellphone as long as both are logged into the WhatsApp service with the same account.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out the built-in WhatsApp chat feature to your own number, we can also take advantage of click to chat support as an alternative. Here are the steps for doing this.

Using Click to Chat

  • Translation to the mobile browser URL column
  • Change number with own number
  • Press the button Enter
  • After the Open WhatsApp page opens, click the button Continue to Chat
  • We will be directed to the chat column to our own number
  • Create messages as you wish
  • Press the button Send

When using Click to chat support, don’t forget to write down the number to be addressed in international format without a plus sign (+) in front of it. If using an Indonesian cellular card, we can simply change the number 0 with 62.

For example our number is 081234567890 then later can change the URL to After that, we can continue the steps according to the review above.

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