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How to chat and call via WhatsApp without having to save a number

Gadgetren – WhatsApp has many interesting features and makes it easy for many people to communicate quickly.

Besides being able to exchange messages in real time, WhatsApp can also be used for more interactive communication such as Call and Video Call.

Usually to chat with other people on WhatsApp, you need to save or save the contact number first on your cellphone. But maybe there are times when you are lazy to save a number because it may only be once.

Actually you can directly chat WhatsApp without the need to save the contact number on the cellphone first. To be able to do this, you need to take special steps first.

How to Chat WhatsApp Without Save Number

  1. Open a browser (Chrome or Firefox) on your phone
  2. Type[kode negara] [nomor handphone] as an address.
  3. For example
  4. Press the button Enter on virtual keyboard
  5. On page Open WhatsApp, Press the button Continue to Chat
  6. You will go directly to the Chat page with that number in the WhatsApp application

WhatsApp - No Save Number

If you have entered the Chat page, then you are free to have a conversation with the WhatsApp number as usual. For the record, you must use a country code such as +62 for the Indonesian region at the beginning of the number because it cannot be 0 like you store numbers locally.

Luckily you can still upload videos, photos, songs, documents, and more on the Chat page. Even to enliven the atmosphere, you can also give interesting emojis or stickers to the chat recipients.

Not only chatting, you can make Voice Calls or Video Calls directly with the intended number if you press the button with the telephone icon at the top of the Chat page.

Meanwhile, if you have a conversation with a number that has not been saved on your cellphone, WhatsApp will always display the Add button at the top of the Chat page so that you can save it easily later.

In my opinion, doing WhatsApp chats without saving contact numbers on the cellphone is very easy to do and can be a solution if you don’t want to fill the contact book.

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