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How to Change YouTube Video Subtitles to Indonesian

Gadgetren – YouTube can be an alternative place for everyone to get entertainment apart from television broadcasts, ranging from domestic to foreign broadcasts.

Of YouTubeeveryone who has a Gmail account can also create an account and have their own channel to be able to broadcast video content made by each.

Currently, YouTube has also improved its user experience with the various features it provides. There are also useful features such as being able to save videos, create clips, and much more for YouTube viewers.

One useful feature when watching shows in English is the Subtitle feature. With this feature, foreign language video content can be translated into the selected language, such as Indonesian, for example through running text under the video.

The Subtitle feature can be found when we play a foreign language video on YouTube, to be precise, at the bottom right of the video screen. Subtitle feature is adjacent to the settings menu, full screen display mode, default, and mini player.

However, the Subtitle feature often only activates the transcript text from the original language and does not translate it into another language. So in order to translate it into Indonesian, you have to set it again in the settings menu.

How to Change Subtitles on YouTube to Indonesian

In Applications

  • Open the YouTube application on your mobile.
  • Play one of the videos on YouTube in a foreign language.
  • Tap the button Settings di the top right corner video playback screen.Youtube-Subtitle-Android-1.
  • Select the menu Captions.Youtube-Subtitle-Android-2
  • Select Indonesian.
  • Or if there is none, tap Auto-translate.  Youtube-Subtitle-Android-3
  • Choose language Indonesia.  Youtube-Subtitle-Android-4

Of Web

  • Access YouTube via a browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Play one of the videos on YouTube.
  • On the video playback screen, tap the button Suit at the bottom right of the video playback. Youtube-Subtitle-1
  • Tap the button Subtitle or Subtitle.Youtube-Subtitle-2.
  • Select Auto Translate.
  • Choose language Indonesia. Youtube-Subtitle-3

That’s how to change the subtitles on YouTube to Indonesian. You can also change the subtitles that appear on YouTube videos to other languages ​​with the available options. For example, from Indonesian to English, Indonesian to Japanese, and many more.

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