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How to change your name in DANA to make it more personal

The Gadget – Digital wallet or e-money is now a non-cash payment method that is often used by people from young to old.

There are many e-money service providers to make it easier for us to do digital transactions, such as Gojek which provides GoPay for use on various Gojek and Tokopedia products, ShopeePay for products on Shopee, to independent e-money providers such as OVO and DANA.

Each e-money also presents premium features in addition to regular accounts which often provide many benefits such as being able to use large e-money balance limits, being able to enjoy PayLater services, and many more.

In DANA itself, regular and premium accounts are also available. Usually, users who are using DANA for the first time by registering their cellphone number, the account name listed will follow the cellphone number.

To change your mobile number on a regular DANA account, you only need to access the profile page then change your mobile number to your own name in the Profile Settings and Change Name menus.

But unfortunately for Premium account cannot change name independently directly from the application because you have to apply for a name change to the DANA customer service by sending an application to the Help Center menu on the profile page or My menu.

How to Change Name in DANA

  • Enter the DANA application on your mobile.
  • On the home page, tap the button My menu in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the menu Profile Settings.
  • Tap the button Change name.
  • In the Change Account Name column, delete your mobile number and replace it with your own name.
  • Then tap the button Save.

Now for those of you who are premium DANA users who want to change the name on your account profile, apart from submitting a request on the Help Center page on the profile page, you can also send an email to DANA at [email protected]

Next, write Change Name of DANA Premium as the subject and fill in the letter containing the application for a change of name for the DANA Premium account, including writing the original name and change name.

Later you will receive a reply from the DANA and will be asked for the requirements of submitting a change in the name of DANA Premium. You can reply to messages from DANA and send back the terms from the email.

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