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How to Change the Zoom Background on HP and Laptops

Gadgetren – Although now many have started working offline, online meetings using video conferencing applications are still carried out by some offices, especially those that adopt a hybrid system.

Zoom become one of the preferred video conferencing applications used for online meetings and gatherings in various countries, including Indonesia.

Even conducting conferences between countries can be done easily with Zoom as long as the internet connection is stable and fast. One of the interesting features of Zoom is in its ability to change the background from hosts and participants with wallpapers that are already available or downloaded by themselves.

Changing the background is usually used when you are in a place that may not be good. Before changing the Zoom background, make sure that the computer already has a processor that supports these features such as Intel Pentium Gold, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5, AMD Ryzen 7, and so on.

If the processor does not support this feature, then you will not see the Choose Virtual Background menu. That way, you have to Zoom with the background as it is.

How to Change Background Zoom

Via Laptop and PC

  • Open the Zoom application on your laptop or PC
  • Login to the account and enter the designated Zoom meeting room
  • In the meeting room, select menu Video berikon camera in the below section
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select Choose Virtual Background…
    Zoom - Change Background - 1
  • Next on page Settings, choose a background that is already available in the section Virtual Backgrounds
  • Press the button Close the X icon on the top right to return to the meeting room
  • You can see that your zoom background will be changed
    Zoom - Change Background - 2

It should be noted that a camera with good detail will make the background with the subject cut out neatly. If your laptop camera is not good, maybe you can use an external camera that can be connected with the help of third-party applications.

Meanwhile, if in your background there are many colors, it is necessary to determine one basic color with a large area which will later be replaced with the selected background. Zoom also brings this feature to the mobile application.

Via Mobile

  • Open the Zoom application on your cellphone and log in to your account
  • Enter the designated meeting room
  • Select the menu More berikon three dots on the left of the screen
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select an option Background & Effects
  • In section Virtual Backgroundsselect an available wallpaper
  • Next, the video background will change
    Zoom - Change Background - Mobile

Almost the same as a laptop, you can press menu +Add in section Virtual Backgrounds to enter the background according to your own wishes. You can also use the Blur feature which allows the original background to be blurred so that it looks aesthetic and focuses on you.

Then there are also Video Filters which provide interesting color effects to apply to videos. Finally, there are Avatars that will change your face and body according to the selected Avatars.

It should also be noted that not all mobile phones can provide this feature. Usually devices that have cameras with small resolutions and low-power chipsets are not able to display all these features.

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