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How to Change the Twitter Theme So Dark and Black To Make It Comfortable to Use

Gadgetren – Changing the settings to a dark theme can indeed be an alternative that can be done if we want to enjoy services or applications that look more comfortable on the eyes.

Dark colors in general tend to be more comfortable to look at than light. The energy required is also less because we don’t have to squint our eyes to block out some of the light so it doesn’t glare.

Also, changing the theme setting to dark can lower the power consumption of a device. Especially if the screen already uses an AMOLED panel which will turn off some components to create a black color.

Fortunately, today’s various applications and services are equipped with special settings that can be used to change the theme to dark mode. These include Twitter which until now is still widely used.

On the Twitter service, setting dark mode is also very interesting. We can actually change the appearance of the interface to be predominantly black instead of just gray. Those of you who don’t know can listen to how to do it in the following explanation.

How to Change Twitter Theme to Dark and Black

  • Open the Twitter app
  • Login if needed
  • Tap avatar photo in the top left corner
  • Scroll down
  • Tap the menu Settings & Supports
  • Select the menu Settings and privacy
  • Go to section Accessibility, display and languages
    How to Change Twitter Theme to Dark and Black - 1
  • Go to settings for Display
  • Tap the menu Dark mode in the Display section
  • Change setting to On
  • In the Dark theme section, select Dim or Light out according to the needs
    How to Change Twitter Theme to Dark and Black - 2

If you just want to change the theme to dark, then we can choose Dim in the Dark theme section. This option will later make it appear as if the backlight is still on so that the appearance of the application tends to be dominated by dark blue.

Meanwhile, if you want a completely black theme, we can choose Light out. Later the backlight seems to be turned off so that the appearance of the application will be dominated by jet black after selecting it.

With these two different settings, we can also more easily adjust the dark theme to our liking. We can change it to get a suit that is considered more comfortable in the eye.

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