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How to Change the Realme C35 Theme by Using GO Launcher

Gadgetren – Themes are one of the interesting parts that are already available on Android phones so that they allow users to enhance their appearance.

Some parts of the appearance of the theme such as the Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Fonts, and Icons are often personalized according to the wishes of the user.

Unfortunately on mobile realme C35, the theme changer feature is not available by default. You have to use a third party launcher app like GO Launcher available on Google Play Store.

That way, you will later use the theme provided by GO Launcher. Actually there are still many third-party launcher applications that can be used, but the themes on GO Launcher can run stably and smoothly on cellphones realm This is compared to some other applications.

How to Change the C35 Realm Theme

  • download GO Launcher installed on realme C35
  • Run the application
  • Default view realme UI will be replaced immediately GO Launcher
  • On the page Home Screen, select the GO Store application with the Theme icon
  • Choose a theme by page Featured, 3D Theme, Top Free, and Top Paid
  • On the details page he, You can see screenshots of the selected theme
  • Press the button Watch a video to unlock
    GO Launcher - Theme - realme C35 - 1
  • After the ad video is watched, press the button Download
  • Press Apply safter the theme is successfully downloaded
  • The appearance of the C35 realm will automatically change according to the selected theme
    GO Launcher - Theme - realme C35 - 2

The Watch a video to unlock button is a way for GO Launcher to monetize the theme without having to incur costs for the user.

The Featured page will contain themes that are recommended for download and widely used by Go Launcher users. Meanwhile, the 3D Theme page provides a theme treat with an attractive 3D wallpaper design.

While the Top Free page shows a variety of free themes downloaded by many users. Finally Top Paid contains paid themes that you have to buy if you want to use them.

Compared to some of the launchers that I have tried, GO Launcher can run smoothly when compared to other launchers, although some provide details and screenshots of the theme but cannot be downloaded because the data has been deleted by the manufacturer.

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