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How to change the OPPO back button to another position or gesture

Gadgetren – If you don’t like the placement, there is a way to change the Back button, be it the position or the input method.

The first time you turn on and make settings on the device OPPOyou are usually asked to choose to use gestures or virtual buttons for navigation.

If you select the virtual button, the Recent App, Home, and Back buttons will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen. This button is used to navigate on OPPO devices, which already existed much earlier than the gesture method.

By default, the Recent App button is on the left, Home is in the middle, and Back is on the right. But for those of you who are more comfortable on the contrary, you can replace the Back button to another position.

How to Change the OPPO Back Button

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO devices
  • Type in keywords navigation in the Search column
  • Select an option System navigation to set the Back button
  • Select Button layout according to where you want the Back button to be located
  • Furthermore, the button will immediately change position
    OPPO - Back Button

On the System navigation page, you can actually set navigation using the Gesture method which allows you to only need to use finger gestures to do Back, Home, and Recent App.

More specifically, the Back button allows you to return to the previous page while the Home button allows you to exit directly to the Home Screen page without having to return one by one.

While the Recent App button functions to display various applications that have been opened so that you can switch between applications quickly and easily.

Even on OPPO devices, long-pressing the Recent App button activates the Split Screen feature. You can open one application first and then press and hold the Recent App button until the application is in half of the screen.

Then, all you have to do is select the second application that will be opened side by side. That way, you will immediately see two applications that appear at once on the screen which is divided into half above and below.

Split Screen is very helpful when you want to do a multitasking process in running two applications at once. For example watching videos on YouTube while chatting on WhatsApp.

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