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How to Change the Instagram Theme to Change to Black or White

Gadgetren – Instagram made by Meta comes with more and more features to pamper users so they don’t feel bored interacting through the application which is available on Android and iOS devices.

Not only is it a place to share daily moments and activities according to users’ preferences, Instagram is also a place for content creators to promote products, sell, and carry out activities.

Besides being able to upload photos on Feed and Instagram Story, we can also make videos up to 90 minutes long or 1 and a half hours long with the Reels feature and up to 3 hours long on the IG TV feature. The many choices for creating content allow us to be creative on Instagram in various ways.

Instagram also provides a theme for the application. When logging in on the login page, the display that appears is plain white. Likewise, entering the Feed home page is presented with a plain white appearance.

However, this plain white appearance does not rule out the possibility that it can make the view uncomfortable when staring at the Instagram screen at night so it’s not surprising if someone wants to change the appearance of the theme.

Now by default Instagram itself has provided a Theme or Theme feature in the settings menu so those of you who want the Instagram theme can be changed from white to black or vice versa, you can follow the steps below.

How to Change Instagram Themes

After that, you can return to the profile page and homepage of Instagram Feed to see the appearance that has changed. If later you change your mind and want to change the theme again, then you can do the same steps.

As a note, changing the theme in the Instagram application can only be done for professional or business profiles, so the settings will not appear on a regular account profile.

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