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How to change the Bluetooth name on a Samsung cellphone so it doesn’t get mixed up | Gadgetren

Gadgetren – Bluetooth is a technology that is still relied on on a mobile phone, including from brands Samsung because it has many functions.

With Bluetooth, users can connect with a variety of other devices ranging from smartbands, smartwatches, speakers, printers, Smart TVs, and many more.

Meanwhile, to make it easier to recognize the Samsung mobile phone you are using, you should change the Bluetooth name to make it more unique.

So it won’t be confused when in the surrounding area there are also Samsung cellphones of the same series. Changing the Bluetooth name of a Samsung device can be done via the Settings page, such as being your Galaxy A73 to make it easier to send data on target.

How to change the Bluetooth name on a Samsung cellphone

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung cell phones
  • Next, select the menu About Phone
  • Press the button Edit
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, change name which are desired
  • After the name is correct, press the button Done (Done)

If successful, you will see the Bluetooth name of the Samsung cellphone that was changed earlier on other devices. Even when you open the Bluetooth menu in the Samsung mobile Settings application, the name will change according to your choice earlier.

Changing the Bluetooth name on a Samsung cellphone is indeed a little different from other Android phones, which only need to change the name in the Bluetooth settings in the Settings application.

Of course, changing the name will be very useful, especially since sometimes some data transfer applications that carry WiFi Direct technology still use Bluetooth to simply connect from one cellphone to another.

However, we all know that after the two cellphones are connected, WiFi Direct technology will take over the role of data transfer so that Bluetooth is only to recognize the device. Wi-Fi Direct technology itself has a speed 100 times faster than Bluetooth, so it’s only natural that it is prioritized.

That way, WiFi Direct is able to move large data between devices very quickly. Especially when transferring data from a Samsung cellphone to another device will run much shorter when using WiFi Direct compared to Bluetooth.

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