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How to Change the Appearance of the OPPO HP Keyboard to Make it Look Different

Gadgetren – OPPO phones have presented a variety of features and interfaces that aim to pamper users.

While the virtual keyboard is a vital part because it makes it easier for users to be able to type a word while searching on Google, writing on social media, working on documents, and much more.

By default, OPPO phones feature Google Keyboard or Gboard as a virtual keyboard with an easy-to-use layout of letters, numbers, and characters when you type.

Bringing gray, maybe there are times when you are bored with the look of Gboard just like that so you want to change the look and color.

You yourself can change the appearance of the keyboard on your OPPO phone with a few easy steps, both for Gboard and through other party applications.

How to Change OPPO Keyboard Appearance

Change Gboard Appearance

  1. Open Google keyboard virtual like for typing
  2. Select the menu Settings berikon teeth under
  3. Then select menu Theme
  4. Choose keyboard display theme by category Colors, Landscapes, Light gradient
  5. Then you will be shown on the display Preview
  6. Press the button Apply
    OPPO - Change Theme Keyboard

You could say Gboard tries to provide many display themes so that you stay comfortable when using it. Meanwhile, if you really want to replace the existing keyboard, you can download some of the virtual keyboards available on the Google Play Store such as Fleksy Keyboard.

Use Fleksy Keyboard

  1. download Fleksy Keyboard dari Google Play Store
  2. Run Flexy Keyboard
  3. On the start page, you will be asked activate Fleksy Keyboard
  4. On page Manage Keyboard, press knob toggle Fleksy until it lights up
  5. Then press the button Back berikon arrow to the left
  6. Next you will asked to choose Fleksy become the ultimate virtual keyboard
  7. On the pop-up menu Change keyboard choose Flexy
    OPPO - Change Keyboard Fleksy
  8. Then on the main application page, select the Theme menu
  9. You are free to determine the theme of the display you want
    OPPO - Change Keyboard Fleksy - Theme

Later, the Fleksy keyboard will automatically activate with the selected display theme when you search for keywords on Google, search for news on the site, or type documents.

Actually, it’s not only Fleksy, there are many virtual keyboards provided by third parties on the Google Play Store so you can freely choose them according to your taste without having to worry if one of them doesn’t fit.

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