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How to Change Telegram Themes So You Don’t Get Bored

Gadgetren – So that users don’t get bored using it Telegram every day, a theme feature has been presented that can be changed according to taste.

The themes presented in the Telegram application allow users to change the color of the message corner, the name of the person sending the message, the background, and others according to their needs.

By changing the theme, you can also see the appearance of Telegram which has a light or dark background according to the lighting conditions of the home or office room.

In addition, the background of the chat room display between users can use several choices of image patterns made by Telegram. To change the theme in the Telegram application, you can visit the Chat Settings page which is in the Settings menu.

How to Change Telegram Themes

  • Open the Telegram application.
  • To change the theme, press the button More berikon three lines at the top left of the main page.
    Telegram - Change Theme - 1
  • Select Settings.
    Telegram - Change Theme - 2
  • Select Chat Settings.
    Telegram - Change Theme - 3
  • In section Color theme, You can choose a theme that has been made by Telegram.
  • Also select a mode Switch to Day Mode or Switch to Night Mode as you wish.
  • In section Browse Themes, You can choose an existing theme
    Telegram - Change Theme - 4

By default, Telegram will present several types of main themes in the Build my own theme section starting from Classic, Day, Dark, and Arctic with a main display that carries a bright concept. While Dark and Night use the dark concept.

Some of you might feel more comfortable when viewing content at night by using the Dark Mode feature. Apart from that, you are also allowed to define a background image pattern in the Build my own theme section.

There is also an Edit Current Theme menu which can be used to generate colors for themes, backgrounds, accent colors, and messages by using the Color Picker to specify the desired color.

However, you can press the Pattern button if you want to color only the pattern image presented for the background. If you select the Create a New Theme button on the Browse Themes page, you can save the theme you are working with or create it as a theme with a new name.

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