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How to Change Instagram Activity Status So It Doesn’t Look Online

Gadgetren – Instagram social media provides a messaging feature that allows you to send messages with friends who follow or don’t.

In addition to sending messages with friends, you can also send files in the form of photos, videos, or documents. Instagram will also make you look online so friends can know you are active or online.

But you can also change Instagram’s online status for convenience or privacy to invisible. So your friends who use Instagram won’t know you’re online unless you reply or message them.

Changing Instagram’s active status to offline can also make you more focused on work or when you’re in work, rest, and school hours. So your friends can respect and give a limit not to send messages when your Instagram activity status is offline.

Instagram itself by default has enabled online status on each user account. Now to turn it offline, you have to set it yourself on the Instagram settings menu on your profile page.

If you feel the need to change the status of your Instagram activity from online to offline for convenience and privacy so as not to be seen by your friends or anyone else, the Gadgetren team will provide details of the steps you must take.

How To Make Instagram Status Not Visible Online

After you follow the method above, your friends won’t even know you’re online even though you’re opening Instagram. That way your sense of privacy can be more awake. But if in the future you change your mind, you can also change your Instagram activity status back to online so that it can be seen by your friends.

The method is the same as the steps above if you want to change the activity status from offline to online. Easy, isn’t it, so you don’t look active on Instagram? Even if you are online, you can make the changes yourself.

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