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How to Change Fonts on Samsung Phones to Make It More Beautiful or Easy to Read

Gadgetren – To get comfortable in use, we can change the display interface on cellphones based on the Android system according to our preferences.

One of us can try changing the shape and size of the font used. Besides being able to make the mobile interface more beautiful, this can sometimes also make writing easier to read.

Each Android device model unfortunately has different support in this regard. Each system interface owned by mobile phone companies generally has its own theme settings and services.

Samsung with One UI system interface hers too. They specifically provide the option to change the font which can be used directly via the settings page although downloading it must be done via Galaxy Store.

Those of you who use Samsung-made devices but can’t change the font can listen to the steps to do it in more detail as follows.

How to Change Fonts on Samsung Phones

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open section Display
  • Click the menu Font size and style
  • Tap option Font style
  • Select the font you want to use

Basically, the default font types on Samsung phones are usually only a few. But we don’t need to worry because we can tap the button Download fonts on the Font style page to download more collections.

After tapping the Download fonts button, we will later be taken to the Galaxy Store page. We can also search for the desired text shape and then click the button Download (down arrow icon) next to it.

Unfortunately, most of the fonts available on the Galaxy Store service are usually paid. So we need to spend real money to get it where the price tag can vary in this case.

In addition to changing the shape of the font, we can also freely adjust the size. This can also be done on the Font size and style page by sliding the slider under options Font size.

Through the Font size and style page, we can also adjust the shape of the text whether you want it to look thicker or plain. We just need to tap the button Bold font to do it.

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