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How to Change Address on TikTok Shop For Different Shipping Destinations

Gadgetren – Apart from e-commerce, now we can shop for goods on the TikTok platform which is available in the TikTok Shop feature.

You can access the shopping page or dashboard on your profile account to see all the items you ordered, purchase status, track shipments, items on the wishlist, to set payment methods with various digital wallets such as DANA, OVO, and bank transfers.

For delivery of goods when shopping, TikTok Shop does not limit it to only one address so you can add another address as an alternative if you want the seller to send your ordered items other than to an address other than home.

It is not yet known whether there is an address limit for the delivery of goods purchased in the feature. But what is certain is that you can change the address on the TikTok Shop if that destination is no longer valid or you no longer occupy it.

Changing the address on the TikTok Shop can be done on the profile account page. However, if you have never shopped, the My orders menu will not appear in your TikTok profile bio, so you have to shop first to be able to access it.

How to Change Address on TikTok Shop

Besides being able to change the address for shopping at TikTok Shop, you can also add another address in Shipping info by tapping the Add Address button. Then enter the contact information and address information listed and tap the Save button to save the new address.

Actually you can add many addresses on TikTok such as the address of your home, office, home of your relatives, relatives, parents, girlfriends to your other residences if you have more than one house.

However, keep in mind that if the address is not occupied by you or you have never visited there again, it is better if the unused address is deleted so as not to confuse or incorrectly assign a shipping address and to avoid wrong delivery.

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