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How to Cancel a TikTok Shop Order Through the Shopping Bag Tab

Gadgetren – Short video service TikTok has brought a new feature called Shopping Center that helps us shop more easily.

Through the Shopping Center which can be accessed on the Shopping Bag tab, you can search for various products you want without having to visit the seller’s account.

The Shopping Center provides various product categories such as beauty, electronics, women’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, office equipment, food, kitchen supplies, household goods, and other products.

You can also use the search field available at the top of the Shopping Center page. In the Shopping Center feature, there are also various menu options to make it easier for you to monitor the products you buy.

You can find features such as orders and history of items that you have purchased, are being shipped, until they have arrived and for review. In addition, you can also send a message to the seller to ask for a product which will later be recorded on the order menu if it is purchased.

Of course, you can also cancel products that have been ordered for various reasons, such as wanting to change your payment method, find a new, better product, or the promo is no longer valid.

How to Cancel an Order TikTok Shop

After the order has been successfully cancelled, then you can reorder or look for other products that are right for you. It’s just, really Orders can be canceled as long as they haven’t been shipped by the seller or in other words still in the process stage.

In addition to canceling an order, you can also set a shipping address or include more than one address. The payment methods provided in transactions at TikTok Shop are also quite complete, starting from using credit cards, debit cards, via cash on delivery (COD), to using e-wallets such as OVO, DANA, and GoPay.

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