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How to Add Xiaomi Music Lyrics Through the Default Player

Gadgetren – Just like other companies, Xiaomi also embeds a music player application into the MIUI system interface to make it easier for us to use the devices it makes.

Even though it can sometimes display advertisements which might be quite annoying for some people, Xiaomi’s default music player is interestingly quite sophisticated. There are various kinds of supporting features that can make it have more functions than just listening to songs.

In the music application that comes with the new MIUI interface, Xiaomi now even has a feature to display lyrics. So we no longer need to use services from third parties if we want to sing karaoke on our cellphones.

To use the features in the default MIUI music player, we don’t even need to bother. We generally only need to add the lyrics of the associated song manually if they don’t already appear in the app.

Adding lyrics to Xiaomi’s default music player is also quite easy. We can usually do this in this case by renaming the associated file as described below.

How to Add Music Lyrics in Xiaomi MIUI

  • Download lyrics from the internet (eg from the page
  • Make sure the lyrics file is saved in the .lrc.
  • After a successful download, move the lyrics file to the same folder as the song.
  • Rename the lyrics file like song.
  • Open the app Mi Music.
  • Wait for the app to load data.
  • Play the desired song.
  • click tab Lyrics.

If the steps and files are correct, Xiaomi’s default music player will automatically display the lyrics of the related song. If not, then we need to make sure whether the file name is the same or not.

For example, the song we have is stored with the name LaguTes.mp3, we also need to change the downloaded lyrics file to LaguTes.lrc if it was different before. Don’t forget to put both in the same folder.

If the method above doesn’t work, we can also add lyrics to the song info. This can be done directly through the default Xiaomi music player application as explained below.

Use Edit Song Info

  • Make sure to have the necessary lyrics (.lrc) files.
  • App access Mi Music.
  • Play the song you want to add lyrics to.
  • Tap the button More options (three dot icon).
  • Select an option Edit song info.
  • Tap an option Lyrics.
    How to Add Xiaomi Music Lyrics
  • Find and then select the lyrics file you want to add
  • Tap Tick If you have finished it

If the version of the music player application does not support it, then we may need to update it first Google Play Store. However, if the device is no longer supported, we can also use other services such as Musixmatch or AIMP to bring up the lyrics.

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