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How to Add Text in CapCut So Videos Can Tell More Stories

Gadgetren – Text in a video is an important component that must be present both for telling the contents of the video and as a pointer description.

Starting from the title, subtitles, subtitles, tutorial text, and running text explaining the displayed image. Video editing applications also usually provide text features that allow you to add text to a video.

Likewise in the CapCut applicationyou can make videos with various aspect ratio formats starting from 19:6 for video content on YouTube and 9:16 for TikTok and Instagram Reels to then add text in them.

You can find the text features in the CapCut application in the row of features at the bottom of the edit page screen with Text written on it. The support for this feature is complete so that you don’t just add text but can also decorate it by adjusting the size, font color, stickers, and the text templates that are already available.

You can even use the pencil on the Text menu to write via the Draw feature. Furthermore, to add text to a video made in the CapCut application, you can follow the steps below.

How to Add Text in CapCut

So that the text isn’t stiff when it appears, you can add an animation feature with three movement options including In, Out, and Loop. The animations available in CapCut are also complete so you can make text on videos that are made more creative.

However, some animated texts are paid, so you need to subscribe to the CapCut Premium application so you can get more editing features, including text features. You can also add other fonts outside of the CapCut application if the font you want isn’t available.

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