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How to Add Telkomsel on the Google Play Store as a Payment Method

Gadgetren – Buying applications, games, items, to premium access from services that run on the Google Play Store ecosystem can indeed be more practical if we use a credit cut payment system.

Buying credit is easier to do than having to subscribe to a credit card, which not everyone understands. We can also get it more easily than Google Play Gift Cards which are sometimes only available in urban areas.

Moreover, on the other hand, the Google Play Store payment system with the credit cut method is also supported by almost all cellular operators. Including them Telkomsel available in various parts of Indonesia.

This red-plate operator also provides Google Play Store payment options using credit. Sometimes they even present special promos and events to tempt customers to want to use them.

To make it more practical to use the credit cut payment method, we can also add Telkomsel to the Google Play Store. Here’s a complete way to do it for those of you who are still having trouble.

How to Add Telkomsel to Payment Methods on the Google Play Store

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Tap avatar photo in the top right corner
  • Change to the account you want to link
  • If you already use the account that is used, click options Payments & subscriptions
  • Tap the menu Payment methods
  • On the Payment methods page, tap Add Telkomsel billing
    How to Add Telkomsel on Google Play Store - 1
  • Click button Enable
  • Verify according to the instructions that appear

In order to successfully add Telkomsel to the payment method on the Google Play Store, make sure the related SIM card is installed in the first slot if the cellphone supports dual cards. Don’t forget to give access permissions to SMS and calls as well.

After successfully adding Telkomsel to the payment method on the Google Play Store, we can immediately use it to make transactions such as buying applications, games or other paid items.

How to use the Telkomsel payment method on the Google Play Store

  • Find the Google Play Store digital product that you want to buy
  • Tap the button Buy or appropriate
  • Tap a section Payment methods
  • Change to Telkomsel
  • Tap the button Buy or 1-Tap Buy
    How to Add Telkomsel on Google Play Store - 2
  • Verify by password or fingerprint scan

However, keep in mind that payments with a credit cut system will generally incur additional fees. For Telkomsel, the fee will include PMSE (Electronic Trading System) of 11%, VAT (Value Added Tax) of 11%, and services of 2%.

The good news is that if you don’t use it anymore, the Telkomsel credit cut payment method can also be removed from the Google Play Store. We can also replace it with other numbers or services.

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