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How to Add RAM to a Samsung HP for Smoother Use

Gadgetren – Most smart phones now have support that allows users to virtually increase RAM capacity by taking free internal storage space as a superior feature.

With different names, this support allows us to get a larger RAM capacity. So the operation when opening the application can run more smoothly, especially on devices that have limited memory.

As we know, RAM plays an important role in handling various kinds of data needed by the CPU while processing tasks. If the capacity is less, then the operation of the device can be slightly disrupted.

Increasing RAM capacity with virtual memory is also one method that can be used to outsmart this. Some users used to even have to outsmart themselves so they could do the same thing.

But now there’s no need to do that anymore because almost every manufacturer pins it as a default feature. In the line of smart phones and tablets made by Samsung, support for increasing RAM capacity is called RAM Plus.

How to Add Samsung HP RAM

  • Open the Settings page on the Samsung device.
  • Enter the settings menu Battery and device care.
  • Tap a section Memory for the option of adding RAM.
  • Press options RAM Plus.
  • Select the virtual memory capacity you want to add.
  • Click Restart Now and wait for the device to restart.

RAM Plus is now available on a wide range of Samsung devices running the new generation One UI system interface. Although in this case, the available virtual memory capacity may vary for each device model.

This relatively new support allows us to get more memory space to run more applications simultaneously. By utilizing this feature, we can also load services more quickly.

It’s just that on devices with RAM that are already large, adding memory with RAM Plus might not make a big difference. So this feature will be more suitable for mobile phones that have limited capacity.

Interestingly enough, this support that previously could not be disabled now has special settings for it through the One UI 5 update. Users can also take advantage of it if additional RAM is not needed so that later devices can be more power efficient.

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