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How to add products to the TikTok Shop so that there are more catalogs

Gadgetren – Through the special TikTok Seller application, anyone can sell in TikTok Shop. The application is also a separate stand-alone application that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

TikTok Seller was deliberately designed by ByteDance to facilitate buying and selling within TikTok by providing features that can be accessed via the dashboard. Sellers in the TikTok Seller application can monitor sales, such as viewing orders and their status.

Then you can also see product performance data every day to enter more than one product. Before being able to enter products and sell, there are several specific requirements that must be met by every TikTok shop user.

You have to verify documents by filling out the complete forms provided such as shop name, personal data, and KTP or passport. After being verified and accepted by the TikTok Seller, you can trade and take advantage of the existing features.

New users on TikTok Seller are of course still confused about how to add a product or enter their first product. The method is very easy, you can choose the product menu on the TikTok Seller Home page. Next, tap on the add product button with the plus sign icon in the circle.

To make it clearer, you can follow the detailed steps below so that you can continue to add products to TikTok Seller so that potential buyers can see them.

How to Add Products in the TikTok Shop

  • Enter the TikTok Seller application on your cellphone.
  • On page Home pageselect the menu Product. How-to-add-product-in-TikTok-Shop-1
  • Then tap the button Add Product with the plus sign icon inside the circle.
  • Enter your product description such as photo, product name, product description, category, product attributes, video footage, type of variation, unit price, stock, package weight, product dimensions, and payment method pay on the spot if you want it activated.
  • Then tap on the button Activate.How-to-add-product-in-TikTok-Shop-2
  • Wait for the review from the TikTok Seller.
  • After that you will get a notification when the product is ready to be sold.

You can also edit products that have been entered by selecting the Product menu and tapping the Edit button. Each product will go into the appropriate tab. If the product has been reviewed, it will enter the active tab, while if it is still being reviewed, it will enter the Under Checking tab. Likewise, if the product is inactive or out of stock, it will enter Inactive.

For novice merchants who are just starting to sell on the TikTok Shop, there are ways that might attract more buyers by activating the Pay on Spot or COD feature, in addition to transfer payment methods and digital wallets such as GoPay, DANA, OVO, and so on.

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