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How to Add Highlights on Instagram to Make Your Profile Color

Gadgetren – The highlight feature on Instagram is a medium for users who want to display memories that have been shared from Stories to their profile page.

Through the highlights embedded on the Instagram profile page, you can also arrange them per theme to make it look neat and pleasing to the eye. You can also give each highlight that you make to a title to the cover so that it adds to the aesthetic impression on your profile page.

Highlights will be very interesting, especially if you are a content creator on Instagram who often uses highlights as a place to promote or introduce yourself to who you are, your activities, and other fun activities to your followers.

Highlights on the Instagram profile page itself can be made from more than one highlight either from Instagram Story posts or directly added from the Instagram Story archive that has been uploaded for a long time. Now those of you who already have lots of highlights on your profile page can add other highlights very easily.

You can also do this by creating a Story first or directly taking it from the archive, depending on your needs.

How to Add Highlights on Instagram

Once you know how to add a New Highlight on your profile page, you can do it yourself easily and practically. In the New Highlight created you can also add photos or videos that you want to be included in the New Highlight.

To add a photo or video in the Highlight you just created, you can tap the Highlight again on your profile page and then tap the three-line icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then select the Edit Highlight menu.

In the Edit Highlights page, you can select photos or videos from other archived stories, both new and old. After that tap Done in the top right corner of the screen and the created New Highlight has saved a lot of photos.

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