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How to Add Friend Contacts on Telegram

The Gadget – Telegram is a chat application that is a rival of WhatsApp. How not, Telegram has a variety of interesting features that are not owned by WhatsApp.

What’s more, Telegram accounts can be opened on multiple devices at once without the need to exit first. Even Telegram supports Groups that can accommodate many members at once up to 5,000 people.

Telegram also makes it easy to add contacts easily so you can immediately chat, call or video call. But still, in order for the two people to be able to communicate, they must have installed Telegram and created an account.

Meanwhile, there are several ways to add friends’ contacts on Telegram, which can be done starting from those already on the list or inviting.

How to Add Friend Contacts on Telegram

Fetch From Contacts

  • Open the app Telegram.
  • On the main page, press menu More icon with three lines at the top right.
    Telegram - Add Contact - More
  • Select the menu Contacts people icon.
    Telegram - Add Contact - Contacts
  • In section sorted by last seen timeselect list contact which you will chat.
    Telegram - Add Contact - Sorted - 1
  • On the page Chatyou can have a conversation with the selected contact
    Telegram - Add Contact - Sorted - 2

You can say you don’t need to add more people to Telegram because the application will immediately scan the contact and immediately show the account if the person is already registered on Telegram.

That way, you actually only need to add a phone number to the device’s default Contacts application. Furthermore, the numbers that have been stored will be immediately scanned by Telegram.

If you have never had the phone number of that user, you can use the Find People Nearby feature to find nearby friends or users nearby.

Gunakan Find People Nearby

Apart from using the phone number in your contact or looking for the nearest account from the location, you can also invite friends who haven’t used Telegram via the Invite Friends feature.

Via Invite Friends

If a friend or other person invited doesn’t have a Telegram account, they will be asked to fill in important data to create an account first after pressing the Telegram invitation link.

Telegram makes it easy for people to have a Telegram account. Of course, this is also intended so that Telegram has many users from various countries.

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