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How to Add Fonts in CapCut to Make Videos More Attractive

Gadgetren – Byte Dance’s CapCut application has various features that can be used to edit videos.

With existing features we can add videos, insert songs, cut videos if they are too long, collect from various kinds of videos, to insert filters, text, effects, and much more.

Subtitles are an important part of videos that must be uploaded to the short video platforms TikTok, Reels, or YouTube Short.

As the main component for interacting, Text is needed when you want to explain video content, titles, running text, or content with tutorial types and the like.

CapCut itself has provided various types of fonts that can be used for free and we can choose to match the content of the video we make. In addition, the text is also colored, enlarged, underlined, or other variations.

Even though there are so many font choices, CapCut still has limited types provided. so there are still fonts that we don’t find in the CapCut application when we want to add text.

However, there is a way to get fonts that are not available in CapCut. We can search and download the desired font on a special site for font providers such as

Before adding it to CapCut, you must first extract the downloaded font file so that it can be used in the application. After that, you can add the font you like into the video you want to edit.

How to Add Fonts in the CapCut Application

Usually the font that you download will be in the form of a zip or rar so it needs to be extracted so that everything looks complete and then inserted into the CapCut application.

Next you can also add other types of fonts that might be interesting to collect in the CapCut application. That way when you make another video, you can easily add the desired font.

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