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How to Add Audio on CapCut So Videos Are Nice to Listen to

Gadgetren – Audio is an important component in making videos so it’s not boring to watch.

By adding audio, the audience is not only presented with visual content but can also listen to the background sound so that it can feel more dramatic.

In video editing, we can include various types of audio ranging from songs, instrumentals, or music provided by special platforms to avoid copyright claims.

YouTube is one of the services that emphasizes copyright claims if an entity feels that their work is being used without permission. Meanwhile, the short video service TikTok is a little more free where you can enter the type of audio in the form of a song.

Apart from that, TikTok also provides a variety of songs from popular singers which are fairly complete and we don’t need to worry about being reprimanded for copyright claims. Besides songs, other types of audio such as sound effects are usually included for very short video durations such as funny voices, animals, and so on.

You can also include your voice recordings, both pre-recorded and recorded directly through editing applications such as CapCut, Kinemaster, and many more. It’s very easy to add audio from songs, your voice, extract videos, and others.

You can use CapCut editing application to add audio like below steps.

How to Add Audio in CapCut

  • Enter the CapCut application on the cellphone.
  • Tap the New project menu button to add a video from the mobile gallery.
  • Select the desired video.
  • In the feature row at the bottom of the screen, tap the Audio button with the scale icon. how-to-add-audio-in-capcut-1
  • Select the type of audio you want to add to the video in the form of sound or Sounds, sound effects or Effects, sound extracted from video or Extracted, to record sound or Record.  how-to-add-audio-in-capcut-2
  • Then follow the next steps according to the type of audio you choose.

You can select Sounds if you choose to add audio to CapCut in the form of a song then select the file that has been saved. Furthermore, for Sound Effects, you can only choose the type of sound effect given in categories or themes such as likes, appearances, laughter, fighting, transitions, food, atmosphere and many more.

Meanwhile, to record sound directly, you only need to tap and hold the record button with the microphone icon on the record menu. You just have to talk and when you’re done, you can release the held record button to stop the voice recording.

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