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How to Add a New Location on Instagram If the Place Has Not Been Registered

The Gadget – On social media Instagram especially in the Story feature, we often share daily activities and embed several additional features including location.

If the location we are visiting is well known, usually it will be easy to find and can be used immediately. However, if the location we are visiting is relatively new, then usually its name will not appear in the pinning location feature.

Therefore, in order to embed a new location on Instagram, we must first create it or add it so that it can appear in the Location feature when we want to upload a Story.

Please note that not all locations on Google maps can automatically be detected in the Instagram Location feature. To add it, you must create and share the new location on social media Facebook so that it can appear on Instagram.

This is because Instagram is a company under the umbrella of Meta as the main developer of Facebook. In more detail, to add a new location on Instagram, you can follow the steps below.

How to Add a New Location on Instagram

  • Enter the Facebook application on your mobile.
  • Create a post on Facebook.
  • Tap the menu Stop by.
  • Tap the button Add a location or Add Location.
  • Enter the place name, address, city, and map location.
  • Tap the button Save Special Places.
  • Then tap on the button Post and set post to public or friend.
  • Then click on the link location name that was made in the post.
  • Tap the button Suggest Edits and complete the available fields such as category, contact, location address, and so on.
  • Return to the location’s page.
  • In order for the added location to enter the Facebook database, you must ask friends to review the location by giving Like.

After that, you need to wait about a week for the new location to appear and be registered. You can also try posting on Facebook by linking the location added earlier to check. If it appears, the new location will automatically appear on Instagram.

Then you can make Instagram Story and Feed posts by embedding the Location tag feature. If successful, you can repeat it again for another new location. These locations can be places of sale, tours, cafes, and public locations that have not been detected on the map so that they can help other people find out.

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