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How to Activate VPN on HP OPPO Access to Make the Internet Safer

Gadgetren – To provide privacy and security for users when accessing the internet, OPPO has presented the VPN feature by default on the cellphone he made.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, VPN (Virtual Private Network) can choose various features more or less to maintain data security over a private network.

By activating the VPN, OPPO cellphones allow a safer and encrypted connection when connected to the internet to provide protection when you are surfing in cyberspace. But of course if it’s not the private network itself that is trusted but the public, there are still risks that might need attention.

Even though there is already a VPN feature on OPPO cellphones, you need VPN settings and addresses from several trusted services, both free and paid. You can use a trusted free VPN provider called VPN Gate.

How to Activate VPN on HP OPPO

  • Visit the site VPN Gate through brower
  • Select the menu VPN Server List at the top of the main page
  • Next, you will see a list of all addresses VPN Server in the Public VPN Relay Servers
    OPPO - Opening VPN Gate List
  • Open the app Settings OPPO cellphone default
  • Select the menu Connection & Sharing
  • Select an option VPN in the Other
  • Then, press the button Add berikon + at the top right of the screen
    OPPO - Input VPN Address in VPN feature
  • On Name enter connection title name desired, eg VPNGateGratis
  • Select L2TP/IPSec PSK Of VPN type
  • Enter alamat IP Address from VPN Gate to Server address
  • Type vpn pad IPSec Pre-Shared Key
  • Then press the button Done icon at the top right of the screen
  • You will return to the page VPN and see that the connection name server VPNGateGratis has appeared in section Configure
    OPPO - Input VPN Address in VPN feature - 2

After using the VPN Gate network, later you will need to enter login information first before you can access the site via a browser.

Using VPN Gate For Internet Access

  • Select connection VPNGateGratis in the Configure on the page VPN
  • Type vpn on Username and Enter password pada menu pop-up Connected to VPNGateGratis
  • After all filled, press the button Connect
  • If the connection has been successful, a message will appear Connected under VPNGateGratis
  • Ikon VPN will also appear on Status Bar at the top of the OPPO cellphone screen
    OPPO - Using a VPN for the Internet

To test whether the VPN feature is working properly, you can visit several sites such as Vimeo and Reddit which cannot be accessed on several Indonesian operators.

As a result, all visited sites can be opened properly, including providing comments on the site. Meanwhile, if you want to turn off the VPN feature, you can immediately enter VPNGateGratis in the Configure section while it is active and select the Disconnect button to turn it off.

OPPO - Disconnect VPN

VPN Gate is indeed one of the most trusted and free VPN address service providers. However, if the address you choose is not working, then you can choose another available address at the VPN Gate.

Meanwhile, if you want to access a VPN even more easily, maybe you can download a trusted VPN application like + WARP: Safer Internet from Google Play Store.

After the application is successfully installed on the OPPO cellphone, then you can simply press the Toggle WARP button to the active position with the sign changing Disconnected to Connected.

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