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How to Activate the OPPO HP GPS So that the Location is Accurate

Gadgetren – The Global Positioning System or commonly called GPS is a system that is often used for navigation in various electronic products such as cellphones by tracking positions and digitally mapping them.

Today’s devices made by OPPO are equipped with GPS that has good accuracy so that it can make it easier for you to know the location with a clear direction.

You can also open digital maps such as Google Maps, HERE We Go, or others to find out your location through a given point thanks to GPS positioning assistance.

But there are times when the GPS feature is accidentally turned off, such as after using Airplane mode. Fortunately, to be able to activate the GPS again, it can be done easily through the existing settings.

How to Activate GPS HP OPPO

Melalui Quick Settings

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen with one finger.
  • Quick Settings will appear on OPPO devices.
    OPPO - GPS - Quick Settings - 1
  • Press the button Location with the Pin logo to activate GPS.
    OPPO - GPS - Quick Settings - 2

After activating the location feature, the GPS will also be active so that when you open the digital map application a scanning process will occur and the positioning of the location will return more accurately.

Meanwhile, Location is not found in Quick Settings, so you can do the same thing through the Settings or Settings menu.

Through Settings

  • App access Settings on OPPO devices.
  • Select the menu Location.
    OPPO - GPS - Location - 1
  • Next, press the toggle button Location to the on position.
    OPPO - GPS - Location - 2

Interestingly in the settings, you can also access features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning in the Positioning Control section so that the positioning of the location becomes even more accurate.

On Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning will allow apps and services to scan for connected Wi-Fi networks so as to improve accuracy compared to relying on GPS alone.
OPPO - GPS - Location - WiFi Bluetooth

While features Bluetooth Scanning can be used if you want to allow apps and services to scan nearby devices to assist GPS in improving location accuracy.

On the Location menu, you can also activate the feature Google Location Accuracy which can improve the accuracy of location determination by combining Wi-Fi, mobile network, and sensors found in OPPO devices. It’s just that of course if all the features are on it will drain battery power even more.

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