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How to Activate the GPS Feature on a Vivo HP to Track Position

Gadgetren – To complement the functions and support it offers, mobile phones made by Vivo are also equipped with a GPS system like most devices with an Android system.

GPS that has a long word Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system. We can use it to track and depict the position of an object on a digital map.

By using GPS, Vivo cellphones can also be used to find a location and guide our journey to get there. Although in this case we still need map services such as Google Maps or HERE.

Besides being able to be used to guide travel, the GPS system on Vivo mobile phones also allows us to share our location so that we can meet people more easily. We can also use it to use additional features such as Find My Device.

Before it can be used to share or search for locations to guide travel, we just need to activate the GPS system first. On Vivo cellphones, we can do it with the following steps.

How to Activate GPS on Vivo Mobile

Via Settings

  • Enter page Settings
  • Find and open the settings menu Location
  • Activate the Location button at the top

Not only activating the GPS, we can also determine the mode we want to use via the Location settings page on the Vivo cellphone. Generally there are three options in this case including High accuracy, Battery saving, and GPS only.

Set mode to High accuracy if you want to get a more accurate tracking of the location of your Vivo cellphone. But of course, this will drain more power because the Bluetooth and WiFi functions will also be used.

If you want to save more power, we can also activate the mode Battery saving or GPS only. It’s just that later the location will be read inaccurately with point tolerances that have a wider range.

Via Shortcuts in Control Center

  • Drag the status bar down to Control Center open
  • Search button Location (location pin icon)
  • Tap the button to turn on GPS
  • Use applications that require GPS

After setting the desired location tracking mode, we can also activate the GPS on Vivo cellphones via the Control Center. This method is more practical but the settings will only follow the pre-existing settings.

Keep in mind that Funtouch OS milik vivo constantly being developed from time to time. So it is possible that some of the steps above need to be adjusted because the appearance of the system interface usually changes too.

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