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How to Activate the COD Feature on TikTok Shop for Sellers

Gadgetren – Every user TikTok now you can sell using the TikTok Shop feature by connecting to a TikTok Seller.

TikTok Seller which is intended for sellers is available in a different application which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as on the Apple App Store on iOS devices.

Meanwhile, users who want to buy can access the TikTok Shop through the features available on the main page in the menu row below the TikTok application screen with the shopping bag logo.

TikTok Seller users will get various features that make it easier for them to sell their products. Sellers can enter products to be sold and add other products.

There are also product order status features such as payment methods via transfer, ranging from e-wallet to Cash On Delivery (COD) where the buyer will pay when the goods arrive at the delivery address.

For the COD payment method, sellers on TikTok Seller must set it for each uploaded product and it should be noted that it cannot be set simultaneously because TikTok itself does not display the payment method feature on the TikTok Seller main page.

In other words, the payment method setting feature can only be accessed through products that have been uploaded for sale or published in the TikTok Shop sales product window. So, to be able to more clearly activate payment methods such as COD, you can follow the steps through the points below.

How to Activate the COD Feature on TikTok Shop For Sellers

  • Enter the TikTok Seller application on your cellphone.
  • Upload products for sale by tapping the button Add Product.
  • Or you can also choose from products that have been uploaded. How-to-activate-COD-in-TikTok-Shop-1
  • Set product photos, product names, prices, stock quantities and more.
  • At the bottom, activate the choice of payment method with Cash On Delivery by sliding the button to the right.How-to-activate-COD-in-TikTok-Shop-3
  • After that tap the menu button Activate to publish your product.  How-to-activate-COD-in-TikTok-Shop-4
  • Then wait for the product to be reviewed by TikTok whether it is eligible to be published as a sale item on the TikTok Shop.

For new sellers at TikTok Shop, the COD option is a powerful way to attract many buyers who may be hesitant to pay by transfer. However, on the other hand, the COD feature also has drawbacks for the seller because it is known that many buyers often misuse it so that the goods must be returned in bad condition.

In addition to sellers who can activate the COD feature, buyers can also choose the COD feature as a payment method when they buy products on TikTok Shope. Buyers can choose COD through the product check out page.

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