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How to Activate Telkomsel VoLTE for Calls Via 4GLTE

Gadgetren – VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) is a platform that allows mobile phone users to make and receive calls over the 4G-LTE network.

This is interesting because 4G-LTE itself is actually data-based so it is not like 2G which can basically make calls and SMS.

Therefore, only a few operators provide VoLTE features in Indonesia, one of which is Telkomsel. In addition, the device or cellphone that you use must already support the VoLTE feature if you want to enjoy it.

Telkomsel itself has provided VoLTE services to 514 cities and regencies throughout Indonesia and can be used on more than 100 types of cellphones that have been officially sold in the country.

Before using Telkomsel’s VoLTE service, you must first make sure a few things, such as the Telkomsel SIM card that supports the 4G-LTE network, the location has reached VoLTE service, and the device must already support the VoLTE feature.

After these three conditions have been confirmed, you can follow the following tutorial to activate the Telkomsel VoLTE feature on your cellphone.

How to Activate Telkomsel VoLTE

  1. Open the app Settings on mobile
  2. On page Settingsselect the menu Mobile Networks
  3. Select SIM 1 or SIM 2 depending on the Telkomsel SIM card is located
  4. Activate the VoLTE or VoLTE Calls button depending on the cellphone series
  5. After the VoLTE feature is active, then you can enjoy the service

You could say activating Telkomsel’s VoLTE service is very easy to do. However, if your cellphone does not support this feature, the VoLTE or VoLTE Calls options will not appear in the Settings application.

For the record, you and the recipient of the phone must also support VoLTE services. If one of them does not meet the requirements, then VoLTE cannot run.

Although Telkomsel’s VoLTE features are widely available in almost all of Indonesia, in reality, more users make voice calls or video calls through Chat applications or social networks.

Meanwhile, the Chat application usually only requires data quota from the main package, while for VoLTE communication sometimes it uses data quota from a special package.

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