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How to Activate Samsung’s Dark Mode Feature So that the Display Becomes Black and Dark

Gadgetren – Almost all cellphones have an operating system Android present, including the brand Samsunghas been equipped with the Dark Mode feature.

Dark Mode is a feature that allows the background of the interface display such as the operating system or application to be dark or black.

Dark Mode is very useful when viewing content in low light conditions or at night to make it more comfortable because you won’t get dizzy with a very bright background like in Light Mode.

To activate the Dark Mode feature on Samsung mobile phones, it can be done easily via the Settings page. Apart from that, you can also schedule Dark Mode to activate automatically.

How to Enable Dark Mode on a Samsung Mobile

  • App access Settings on Samsung cell phones
  • Select the menu Display
  • Next, select an option Dark
    Samsung - Dark Mode
  • Automatically, the mobile interface display changes to a dark or black background

Meanwhile, Samsung also provides Dark mode settings that allow you to schedule when this feature is automatically active. You need to press the Turn on as schedule button so that Dark Mode scheduling can be done.

There is a Sunset to Sunrise option which will make Dark Mode active from sunset to sunrise. Meanwhile, if you choose Custom schedule, then you can set what time this feature is automatically active.

But if you want to use Dark Mode forever, then you shouldn’t need to activate the Turn on as schedule feature. Of course Dark Mode will make your eyes not get tired quickly when looking at the screen for a long time because it looks dark.

Interestingly, the Dark Mode feature also has an effect on Samsung cellphones that use the screen OLED, AMOLED, dan Super AMOLED where the battery consumption will be more efficient than all brightly colored screens.

We all know that if there is black, the screen with OLED technology will turn off the pixels to get a true dark color. That way, Dark Mode, which is dominated by black, will save battery consumption because few pixels are lit.

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