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How To Activate Professional Mode on Facebook To View Account Information

Gadgetren – Similar to Instagram, Facebook also has regular and professional accounts. By default, you will be registered and using a regular account on Facebook.

When you switch to Professional mode, you will get interesting benefits such as being able to see more about the number of Facebook users who view, like, and follow.

This of course makes it easier for you to find out the performance of the Posts that you upload on Facebook and create strategies to increase your audience. While Professional mode will set the follower settings to Public so that anyone can see the content.

It doesn’t stop there, even this mode allows you to make money by creating new content if it meets the conditions set by Facebook. You could say Professional mode is quite promising for those of you who want to become content creators, have products to sell, increase company popularity, and more.

How to Enable Professional Mode on Facebook

Through the Application on Mobile

  • Open the Facebook application on your cellphone and log in to your account
  • On the main page, select menu Account profile photo icon with three lines at the top right
  • Choose an option Profile the icon with a profile photo + account name
  • Choose an option Options the three dots icon next to the Edit Profile and Add to Story menus
    Facebook - Mode Profesional - App - 1
  • Select the menu Turn on professional mode
  • Press the button Turn on which is below
  • Then, press the button Done on the pop-up menu Welcome to professional mode
    Facebook - Mode Profesional - App - 2

Through the Web

After the account has successfully become Professional mode, then you can access the View Tools menu to go to the Engagement page which consists of four main menus including Insight, Page Overview, Content, and Audience.

Later the Insight menu can present a summary of data from Page Overview, Content, and Audience. The Page Overview menu will display the full range of posts that have been uploaded, the number of users who have seen the Post, reactions to the post, people who share the post, post comments, the latest Followers, and others.

For the Content menu, it will present any Posts that have been uploaded on Facebook plus the reach of those Posts along with the engagements that have been successfully achieved. While the Audience menu will display the gender, age range, and location of the user who viewed the Post.

If you want to be able to monetize from Facebook, then you need to first fill in various data ranging from full name, email, home address, country, type of business, phone number, to information about taxes.

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