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How to Activate NFC on HPOPPO so that you can top up and check your e-money balance

Gadgetren – NFC (Near Field Communication) is a feature that helps users check or top up e-money card balances, transfer data, and pay for digital transactions.

The NFC feature is also available on various middle and upper class OPPO cellphones because the needs of the Indonesian people to top up e-money card balances are getting higher.

Thanks to the NFC feature, users can make payments at supermarkets, merchants, public transportation (TransJakarta Bus, Commuter Line, MRT, and others), as well as toll road fees.

When the OPPO cellphone is activated, actually NFC will automatically be active by default. But sometimes some may accidentally turn it off because at first it is not really needed.

For this reason, you don’t need to worry because you can activate NFC by following these steps.

How to Activate NFC on OPPO

Melalui Quick Settings

  • On page Home Screen, screen sweep from top to bottom with one finger
  • Later a menu will appear Quick Settings
  • Look for icons and menus NFC
  • Then, press the button until migniter
  • NFC is already active

However, if the NFC button is not found in the Quick Settings menu, then you can open it via the Settings menu.

Via the Settings App

  • Access the Settings app on OPPO phones
  • Type keywords NFC on column Search
  • Next, select NFC in the Connection & sharing
  • Press the NFC button until light up

Using keywords in the Search column will make it easier for you to directly enter the NFC menu. This is because in various versions of ColorOS, usually some OPPO phones have different NFC menu positions.

To make sure the feature is on or not, you just have to stick the e-money card to the back of the OPPO cellphone where the NFC sensor is located. Later, if successful, a popup will appear to view or fill in the balance.

Usually to check e-money cards, you need to download applications from third parties on the Google Play Store. Some that you can choose include Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Electronic Money Card Balance, BCA Mobile, Livin by Mandiri, BNI TapCash Go, BRImo BRI, and others.

You can also top up your balance from Mandiri e-money, BRI Brizzi, or BNI TapCash directly through Tokopedia, Bukalapak, or their respective bank applications. Meanwhile, BCA Flazz Gen2 can only be filled through BCA Mobile.

Of course, it becomes a practical thing when you are on a trip, but it turns out that the e-money card balance is running out. That way you can directly fill it through a cellphone that has an NFC feature.

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