How to activate developer options in Realme 7 Pro


The developer options on android they are a set of advanced settings that are kept hidden by default because they are precisely used by application developers to carry out the tests they need before publishing them.

Within these settings are configurations of certain video and sound parameters that can be useful for an average user, such as the active screen function that keeps the screen on when the device is charging.

Another of its important options is also the one that allows you to activate USB debugging, very useful for transferring information to a PC.

How to enable developer options on Realme 7 Pro

The procedure to activate the developer options on a Realme 7 Pro cell phone is as follows.

  1. go to Settings > phone information and select Version (or Version Information).
  2. Next, press repeatedly (between 5 or 7 times) on the option version number until the notice that you are already a developer appears.

We recommend that you do not make changes without having the necessary knowledge, as it can cause misconfiguration problems that affect the performance of your phone.

How to access developer options on Realme 7 Pro

This procedure is very simple. back to menu Settings > Additional settings and click on developer options.

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