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How to Activate 3-Finger Screenshot on a realme cellphone for more practical access

Gadgetren – Almost on all Android phones including the realme brand, you can use a combination of the Power and Volume Down buttons to take screenshots.

But if you constantly use the button, it will damage it more quickly even though we all know that the two buttons have a vital role.

Fortunately, on realme phones, a feature has been presented to take screenshots by sweeping the screen from top to bottom using a 3-finger gesture that is squeezed together.

The gesture feature can certainly be done easily and will reduce the use of the Power or Volume Down button. On today’s realme phones, the 3-finger screenshot feature has been activated automatically since the device was first activated.

However, on some older realme phones, you need to activate it first like the following steps to be able to use this one feature.

How to Use 3 Finger Screenshots on realme phones

  • Open the app Settings on mobile
  • Enter the menu Convenience Tools
  • Next, select Gesture & Motions
  • Press tombol toggle beside Swipe down with 3 fingers to take screenshot to the active position
    realme - screenshot 3 jari
  • Find the area that you want to take a screenshot
  • After the area is selected, then screen sweep from top to bottom with 3 fingers together
  • After the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot has been successfully taken
  • The screenshot results can be accessed through the Photos application or File Manager

By using screenshots using 3 fingers, of course you don’t need to often use the Power or Volume Down buttons. Moreover, we all know that the Power button is very vital to be used to turn on or turn off the realme cellphone.

While the Volume Down button is useful for turning down the volume quickly. In addition to using 3-finger screenshots, you can actually use other alternatives for screenshots on realme phones.

Some other alternatives that you can use include using buttons in Quick Settings, Smart Sidebar, and Accessibility Menu which you can use according to your preferences. But of course sometimes you need to activate it first.

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