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How does sugar affect cancer metabolism?


There are people who relate excessive consumption of sugarsee added sugars of some foods totally discouraged by dieticians, with the cancer metabolism, one of the worst diseases that exist. But is that relationship true? To what extent can sugar indirectly collaborate in the development of this type of pathology? Why do we say that sugar is not good for our heart or our blood pressure?

It happens that myths are like some ailments: they spread Without remedy and when we want to put an end to it, it is already too late.

That is why it is convenient to shed light in the midst of so much ignorance regarding the relationship between cancer and food, and for this, there is nothing better than asking the dietitians.

How much myth and reality is there in that oft-repeated question about sugar in promoting some heart disease and other strokes?

Does sugar cause cancer?

It is the great question that we come to answer. So the best window we can go to is the American Society of Clinical Oncologyan eminence in this matter.

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Find out if it is true that sugar promotes some type of cancer or on the contrary, it is a simple social media hoax

And Suzanne Dixon, an Oregon dietician and epidemiologist, states that there is absolutely no type of sugar that food causes cancerso it’s kind of popular.

Of course, sometimes diets include many simple sugarsand that is not nutritious for our body, providing an excess of calories.

It happens that, according to this professional, sugar does not feed cancer, far from it, among other reasons, because it feeds all cells.

Cancer cells, unfortunately, are very clever, Dixon says, and can change the way they metabolize or use things other than our diet:

  • They can switch and use fat for energy
  • Or they can switch back and use more protein

So, concludes the dietitian, saying that sugar feeds cancer is a hoax that we should not spread, but sugar is nothing more than a mere fuel.

Can high insulin levels promote cancer?

Now, specialists talk about hormones related to insulin as the insulin-like growth factor itself.

You can increase or decrease depending on how much simple sugar is consumed. High insulin levels can stimulate cancer cellsor precancerous ones, grow larger.

So when consuming carbohydrates, it is emphasized, there are 3 things that will help to dull the response of glucose and insulin:

  1. Protein
  2. Fat
  3. Fiber

So if you drink a regular soda, you will have a big change in your insulin level. But if that drink is taken with any of the 3 things, it will slow down your progress a lot.

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