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How do I choose the best drink for a dinner?


We talk a lot about what we should and shouldn’t eat in The dinners, but do we know what we should drink? Or rather: Do we know how we should choose one or another drink based on what we eat? We don’t always know how to choose, and there is a lot of legend about what kind of drinks make us feel better or worse. Here we help you make the best selection.

The Dinner is that last drink of the day whose nutrients They provide us with a multitude of properties before going to bed in search of rest.

After a whole week of effort and stress at work or professional level, the weekend arrives and the most likely thing is that the last thing we think about is our gut microbiota.

You cannot always be aware of the flora, although that does not mean that we should watch over all the activity of our intestinal transit. Also at dinner.

But, as we say, sometimes we need a break and we must have an alcoholic drink. Nothing is bad in our body if it is not abused. And it’s the same with him. came and the beer.

What should I drink at dinner depending on the dish I choose?

The type of dish that we are going to serve at dinner will give you an idea of ​​what you should pair it with so that the union is a perfect marriage.

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Drinking wine or beer is one of the usual practices at dinners, do you know how to choose to be able to accompany the best drink with your food?

It not only works for you and whoever you share your dinner with, but also for your guests, when you have them at home, and they want to have a drink at home or in a restaurant.

Do you know how to perfectly combine the drinks you should drink in dinner? Well, here we leave you a list that you should not lose sight of:

  • White wine: it is usually taken with soup, shellfish and fish. So if you are going to make some good prawns, do not hesitate and accompany it with a good white wine
  • Red wine: it is usually used for meat and poultry, so if you are more of a veal chop, beef or sirloin, this may be your best option
  • Rosé wine is another alternative, although it is true that it does not usually go so well with fish.

Is it healthy to have dinner with beer?

Another option, although we have not included it before, is to be able to have dinner with champagne. Although the truth is that it is left for celebrations, many people take it regularly.

He leaves it, yes, for the sweetest desserts at dinner, for which drinking champagne is an effervescent way of drinking dinner. And what about the beer?

Well, you can take it, of course. But the truth is that if you drink it shortly before going to sleep, your quality of sleep will be worse. This is due to gastric acids that can cause heartburn.

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