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Home remedies to correct our tread and consequences of not doing it


Each person has their footprint and is unique. As well as the way we should take care of it if it is not quite good; and we must correct it before it leads to serious problems of Health.

Because the feet are very prone to certain conditions and if we continue walking in the same way it can end up ending up in problems that affect other areas.

There are people with knee painthe hips, the lower back, the spine… because our footprint cannot be as correct as it should be.

Watch where you step and follow these home remedies

But logically these movements are almost involuntarybecause we don’t decide how to make each one of the steps we make.

This is the reason why it is more than advisable to attend to the possible solutions of correction of each one of our steps so as not to fall into the same mistakes.

Vice President of College of Podiatrists of CataloniaCarles Espinosa, explains in an interview with Mundo Deportivo what the dangers of a bad step are.

“It is when a bad position of the foot implies a misalignment of the knee, a bad joint of the hip, of the pelvis… and, consequently, of the spine”, reflects the doctor.

The health professional comments that this situation can develop a scoliosisthat is, a deviation that appears at an early age and that can occur, for example, because one leg is shorter than the other.

walking tread health

Compensations and capabilities

The way you walk will influence the rest of your human body and, for example, it may be that one of your feet prone more than another, that is, that you load more on said foot.

The podiatrist mentioned above, Carles Espinosa, stresses that two things can happen:

  • Than the rest of superior joints make up this differenceor if they are not compensated, they create a problem.
  • Or, if the person does not have this ability to compensate through the knee, hip, and spinal joints, then problems are created.

In order to correct the footprint efficiently, it is essential to use of templates. There is a study of the tread to find out where it is necessary to correct and the template is created to measure.

For example, you have to take such Orthopedic soles in shoes that are suitable for their placement, pointed heels or other types of situations in which the tread is not a priority are not worth it.

According to Dr. Espinosa, good footwear respect the physiology and the biomechanics of the foot, the one that has enough space for the toes to move, the one that sweats, and the one that has optimal cushioning.

In the case of older people, says Espinosa, one of the most decisive factors is that they must have a non-slip sole to prevent unwanted slipping.

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