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Hidden, this is how to enable developer options on realme cellphones Hidden, this is how to activate developer options on realme phones

Gadgetren – Realme-made cellphones are equipped with realme UI based on the Android operating system.

Usually, those of you who want to tweak your cellphone a bit need the Developer Options or Developer Options feature to get more access.

With the presence of Development Options, you can activate some secret features that cannot be accessed when realme UI is in normal condition.

The Developer Options themselves are hidden so that public use does not carelessly tamper with the features contained in it because if the settings are wrong, it can cause the cellphone system to not work as it should.

But for those of you who really need to open Development Options on realme phones, you can open them immediately with the following steps.

How to Enable and Access realme Developer Options

  • App access Settings on realme mobile
  • Enter the menu About Phone
  • Choose an option Version Baseband & Kernel
  • Press seven times on Build Number
  • Later a notification will appear You are now developer!
    realme - Developer Options - 1
  • You can return to page Settings
  • Select the menu Additional Settings
  • Next, go to the menu Developer Options
    realme - Developer Options - 2

After opening Developer Options, you can access the secret features in it. For example, for those of you who want to know the truth of the refresh rate on the screen of a realme cellphone, you can activate the Show refresh rate.

Later the refresh rate number will appear automatically at the top left. When you lock the screen refresh rate to 60Hz, the screen will display the number 60. Likewise, when you lock the screen refresh rate to 90Hz or 120Hz, the numbers 90 and 120 will appear on the screen.

You can also enable the USB debugging feature (Security settings) via Developer Options. Meanwhile, you can set commands that are automatically carried out when the cellphone is connected to a computer via a USB cable, such as File Transfer, USB Tethering, MIDI, Transfer photos (PTP), or No data transfer.

By default, usually when the two devices are connected, the No data transfer option will be activated immediately. But thanks to this feature, you can set the File Transfer option to be the default option on the Default USB configuration menu.

You could say the Developer Options feature has a fairly vital role, but you have to be careful in making settings in these features so as not to make the cellphone problematic.

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