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Here’s How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth Between Cellphones!

Gadgetren – Bluetooth is a technology that allows mobile phones to be connected to other devices such as earphones, headphones, printers, and mobile phones.

Before the invention of WiFi Direct technology, even Bluetooth was also used to transfer data between cellphones to cellphones.

Although it is still relatively slow, you can say that the Bluetooth data transfer process is more effective than using Infrared which is also another option that can be used.

But over time, WiFi Direct has often been used by many people because the data transfer process is 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

Even so, Bluetooth is still often trusted by some people because it has the convenience of transferring data between mobile phones. In fact you can also send applications via Bluetooth.

How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth

  • Activate features Bluetooth on the sender’s and recipient’s cellphones
  • Open the app My Files or File Manager default on the sender’s cellphone
  • Locate the application installation file (usually .APK) to be sent
  • Select the file and press menu Send three-dot line icon
  • Then choose a method Bluetooth
    Bluetooth - App Transfer - Sender - 1
  • Then select the phone that will receive the application
    Bluetooth - App Transfer - Sender - 2
  • Next, select Accept on the recipient’s cell phone
  • The process will run and wait for it to finish
  • After recipient’s cell phone done getting application, then you can press the app
  • Later the installation menu will automatically appear and the application will be installed on the PC recipient’s cell phone
    Bluetooth - App Transfer - Receiver

Usually if you only send one or two applications, then the transfer process can run smoothly. But sometimes when sending many applications at once for example up to 10 applications, the process will take a long time and there may be problems.

You could say Bluetooth is not intended to send large files because of the transfer speed it has. Moreover, to send many applications at once which of course will be very long.

For example, sending the raw OPPO Relax.apk application with a size of 121 MB can take 23 minutes. It’s different when done with a WiFi Direct connection which will only take a few minutes.

In my opinion, you should switch to using WiFi Direct if you want to send a lot of very large files. This is much more effective than using Bluetooth technology.

Moreover, many mobile phones today are supported by the WiFi Direct feature by default. However, if your device does not have this feature, you can download third-party applications on the Google Play Store to activate the WiFi Direct feature.

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