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Here’s How to Make WhatsApp Status Like on Instagram Story

Gadgetren – WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Story is basically similar to Instagram Story which allows users to upload photos, videos, text, and more.

However, the appearance of WhatsApp status and Instagram Story is not the same. WhatsApp Status is present on a different or separate page on the main page while Instagram Stories appear on the Feed page which is located above parallel to the Profile photo.

In order not to look monotonous and boring, some WhatsApp users also want to change the shape of the WhatsApp status display to be like the Instagram Story display which is located above the screen on the main application page.

Even so, keep in mind that WhatsApp does not have built-in features or special settings to change the appearance of WhatsApp status to be like Instagram Story but must use third-party applications.

The Mod version of the WhatsApp application itself is available in various versions and is not officially available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store so that its security is not guaranteed and violates the rules of use of WhatsApp.

The risks of using an unofficial account also vary, such as breaking into the account or the messages contained in it. Therefore, the Gadgetren team suggests that it is better to just use the official version of WhatsApp and wait until the feature is present directly.

But if you really want to use it, then make sure you secure your account as best you can. Meanwhile, how to make WhatsApp status display into Instagram Story can be seen as follows.

How to Make WhatsApp Status Like Instagram Story

In addition to being able to make WhatsApp statuses like Instagram by default there are still other settings available including accounts, chat, notifications, storage and data, assistance, and invite friends as usual.

You can also set or check your privacy and security settings and perform two-step verification or embed a fingerprint lock. In addition, you can also change the appearance of WhatsApp so that it is not boring through the Theme menu.

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