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Here’s How to Downgrade MIUI 13 to MIUI 12 Without a Computer!

The Gadget – MIUI 13 system interface which was launched by Xiaomi in 2022 does offer a variety of features and support that are very attractive to users.

Performance aspect is also one of them. MIUI 13 is claimed to be more stable and faster than the previous generation.

Because Xiaomi embeds a number of new technologies such as Liquid Storage, Atomized memory, Focused Algorithms, and Smart Balance. In addition, Xiaomi’s new system interface also brings personal data protection through a privacy watermark and more accurate face unlock.

The display it carries also looks fresher with new functions including widgets, wallpapers, and sidebars. Although it brings better support and features, not everyone will like it right away. There are still some of us who actually want to downgrade from MIUI 13 to MIUI 12 after trying it.

Downgrade MIUI 13 to 12 luckily can be done quite easily. We can even do it without the need for the help of a computer or laptop, such as during an update, as follows.

Cara Downgrade MIUI 13 ke MIUI 12

  • Backup phone data first
  • Download the recovery ROM for the latest MIUI 13 and MIUI 12 that you want to install according to the device model
  • Once successful, move the two recovery ROM files to an easy-to-reach folder
  • Go to page Settings
  • Go to section About phone
  • Click MIUI Version
  • Tap More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  • Select Choose update package
    How to Downgrade MIUI 13 to 12
  • Find and tap recovery ROM for MIUI 13
  • Wait for the file initiation process until the button appears Reboot and update
  • Don’t tap the button yet
  • Open file manager
  • Find the folder where the two recovery ROMs are stored
  • Copy the MIUI 13 ROM recovery file name
  • After that, change the name to make it look different from before
  • Use the successfully copied name to name the MIUI 12 recovery ROM file
  • Back to MIUI update page
  • Tap the button Reboot and update
  • Wait until it enters the MIUI Recovery Menu
  • Use option Wipe Data
  • Select Wipe All Data
  • Select Confirm
  • Wait until the process of deleting data is complete
  • Select Back to Main Menu
  • Select Reboot
  • Select Reboot to System
  • Wait until it enters the main system interface of the cellphone

Recovery ROM MIUI 13 and MIUI 12 can be downloaded from various websites. The thing to remember, use the same region as the version installed on the device so that the downgrade process can really work.

We also don’t need to panic if the option Choose update package not available on the phone update page. We just need to tap on the MIUI logo until it says “additional update features are on” to activate it.

Don’t forget after entering the MIUI Recovery Menu, we usually can’t operate the cellphone with a touch of the screen. We’ll need to use the button later Volume to change options and Power to confirm it.

If the above steps fail, then it’s a good idea to try to downgrade from MIUI 13 to MIUI 12 using a computer. But I personally don’t recommend it for those of you who are still new to it because it’s a little complicated and has a high risk.

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