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Healthy habits to control cholesterol from the age of 50


Leading healthy lifestyle habits is essential to control blood cholesterol levels, although this is especially necessary after 50 years of age. Normally, from the age mentioned, the risk of hypercholesterolemia is higher, so it is necessary to establish a previous treatment to prevent this health condition.

First of all, we must be clear that the high blood cholesterol It does not manifest through symptoms. That is, there are really no conditions that warn people that their cholesterol levels are above normal. Therefore, a fundamental habit from the age of 50 is to increase the frequency of medical check-ups to prevent hypercholesterolemia.

And it is necessary to remember that the values ​​of cholesterol too high in the blood considerably increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or stroke. In addition, from the age of 50 the chances of death due to these conditions also increase significantly.

Mediterranean diet and physical exercise

Two essential habits to keep cholesterol at bay is to follow a balanced and healthy diet, and complement it with an active life. Physical exercise is also key to feeling healthy and preventing the accumulation of high cholesterol in the blood. These habits become especially necessary after the age of 50.

Mediterranean diet food
Mediterranean diet

In this sense, the experts focus on the Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest nutritional structures for humans; included to keep cholesterol levels in healthy ranges. This diet is characterized by the high presence of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and legumes, in addition to the use of olive oil.

On the other hand, to a lesser extent, nuts, lean meats, poultry and fish are also consumed in the Mediterranean diet. UNESCO inscribed the Mediterranean Diet as one of the elements of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Thus, one of the key habits to curb cholesterol from the age of 50 is to follow a Mediterranean diet, which allows the body to incorporate a wide variety of essential nutrients, healthy fats and avoid high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

sports habits

Regular physical exercise helps prevent elevated cholesterol levels in blood In this sense, performing moderate sports activities from the age of 50 is an ideal habit to prevent hypercholesterolemia and maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Some beneficial physical activities to prevent hypercholesterolemia are going for a walk, running, cycling or swimming.

In addition, physical exercise is our best ally to avoid obesity and overweight, along with a healthy diet. And it is that obesity and overweight are also an important risk factor for hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular health.

As indicated from the US National Institute of Health, a physically active adult woman over 50 years of age requires the consumption of about 1,800 calories per day; while men who meet these same characteristics need around 2,200 calories daily.

Therefore, within the healthy habits to keep cholesterol at bay; It is important to know the caloric needs of the body based on the physical activity that each person performs on a daily basis.

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