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Harvard reveals the best kept natural secrets of olive oil


The olive oil has always been one of the foods What is the most benefit to our Health. Now adds to that statement too Harvard, which highlights its properties. And it is that the private university located in cambridgeMassachusetts, trusts that olive oil is one of those foods that we should keep in our healthy diet.

Above, above all, other vegetable oils. The Benefits they are as many as varied and that is the reason why we should always consume it in moderation.

The head of the CIBEROBN group and professor of Preventive Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the university of NavarraMiguel Martínez-González, leads this great study.

And it is that since USA relate a higher consumption of olive oil with a lower risk of total mortality, something that draws attention.

Researchers from the School of Public Health of Harvard tell how replacing fats with olive oil reduces premature mortality.

antioxidant olive oil
Olive oil

Magazine Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) has been in charge of disseminating said news and also the Harvard study itself.

This work is carried out by the researchers Marta Guasch-Ferré and Frank Hu and the CIBEROBN researcher Jordi Salas Salvadó, group leader at the Rovira i Virgili University.

30 years researching olive oil

It is not an investigation of the oil in use, since Harvard indicates that 100,000 health professionals have participated and it has lasted for three decades.

Professor Martínez-González, visiting professor at Harvard University, is in charge of giving the first keys to this process.

“The research was developed using data from the most well-known and reliable American studies in nutrition, which are the cohort of nurses, with 60,582 participating women,” he says.

For its part, it has also had 31,801 male volunteers, and after 36,000 deaths, its causes have been identified.

The researcher himself stresses that the study makes it possible to “validly identify the effect of olive oil consumption, once the participants are matched by age”

All this information allows for an extensive assessment nutritional every four years, where scientists study life habits and style.

oil food benefits harvard

Advantages of the oil

The results conclude that unlike other types of food, the olive oil consumed by those investigated had the following benefits.

  • 19% reductions in cardiovascular mortality.
  • 17% decreases in mortality from cancer.
  • More reductions, in this case of 29% due to neurogenerative disease.
  • 18% due to respiratory mortality.

The good reputation of olive oil is endorsed by these data and other studies such as that of the SUN (Monitoring University of Navarra), with 23,000 participants.

Or, for example, the PREDIMED trial (Prevention with the Mediterranean Diet), with more than 7,000 participants and a 5-year follow-up.

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